RXF Album Release


Jahzelle Ford, Writer

This summer, hardcore punk band Righteous Fags (RxF) have been in the process of producing a new album. Gavin Williford (guitars and vocals), Robby Carter (guitar), Alex Ruiz (drums) and Russell Couch  (bass) have been recording and more recently mastering the album for the past two months.

The Righteous Fags formed in January of 2016. At this time there were only three members, Williford on bass and vocals, Carter on guitar and Ruiz on drums. For a period of time Ruiz left the band and returned May fourth of 2019. 


“I am extremely grateful about being back in RxF, it is and always will be apart of my soul. During my absence from the band I took some classes on recording and mixing and so I knew a lot of cool tricks to properly record tracks.” Ruiz stated “Getting 2 different PC’s to sync up all 8 mics for the drum set was frustrating but well worth it. I’m super proud of how the record turned out and I can’t wait to continue pouring my heart out in the “recording studio” and on stage.”


The newest member of RxF, Couch, was added as the bassist on May 13th of 2019. This was the first time Couch had been in a band, making him new to playing shows as well as  recording. Couch has never experienced recording or being in a band the way the other members of RxF have. 


“Recording the album was a new exciting experience for me, as I’ve never recorded anything before,” Couch said,“I’m honored to be a part of this and to officially be a member of the band and I can’t wait for the album to be released.” 


Singer and guitarist Williford is pleased to be working with Ruiz and Couch. Ruiz and Williford came together this summer to work together on producing the album. Williford expresses how exciting working with Ruiz again is to him.


“Working with Alex [Ruiz] on a record again was like old times, shooting ideas each other’s way and testing new ways to mix and equalize.” Williford said  “This is the best record we’ve made yet! Dual Guitars and all! RxF Lives!”


The album, Forced Communication With Unintelligent Masses, currently has no set release date, but will be out this fall. The instrumental and vocal sections of all 11 songs have been recorded as well as one commentary track by Alan Watts. 


Those who may be interested in listening to the album can do so on the major streaming sites: iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Forced Communication With Unintelligent Masses will also be available on CD. Although this album is not yet released, their first album, Napalm Flavored Opinions, is available to listen to on Youtube and Bandcamp. 


The Righteous Fags played their most recent show on September 13th in LA, there will also be an album release show coming soon. For more updates on shows and the album check out their website or their instagram.