10,000 Hours of PRETTYMUCH, Please!

Makayla Riley, Writer

Los Angeles based boy pop band PRETTYMUCH has released their brand new single of the year and is ready to show some love to all their BEANZ fans.  On Valentine’s Day, their song “10,000 Hours” hit digital streaming services and has already gained a million streams.


“10,000 Hours” is about showing that special someone in your life just how much you love them.  It takes some time and dedication to show your “bae” just how much they mean to you inthis world, and these four cuties do not have a problem with putting in those extra hours.  As mentioned in the song, whether it be “nights on nights on nights” to “days on days on days”they will be there for you, no breaks involved.


The track gives off a 90’s R&B vibe mixed with some Drake influences that fans can resonant with.  Even if you are not a fan, the hip-pop infused ballad will “have you all in your emotions” once you hear their beautiful, harmonic voices and soothing, background vocals, as well as dance along to the energetic beat.  Some of my favorite lines from the song include “They say, time is money/You know I’m still young, gonna spend all mind on you” and “I’ll put in the time if you let me/Fill up your mind with some memories.”  Young and reckless love all intertwined in one song.


Austin Porter, Nick Mara, Brandon Arreaga and Zion Kuwonu are the young and adept quartet of boys behind this brand new song.  They have shown a lot of potential within the last year, showing their passion for dancing and, of course, singing.  Their rise to popularity is all due to the discovery of Simon Cowell, known as a former judge on The X Factor who was also responsible for the success of One Direction.


The boys have been dedicated to gaining millions of listeners through the power of social media. So far this is their fourth single, backed behind their other three songs from last year, including “Open Arms,” “Teacher,” and “Would You Mind.”  The release of a new album is still to be announced. These talented boys still have not forgotten about their fans, and are sure to cook up an album their fans will enjoy.  Leave a comment below and let us know your opinion on the song.