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10,000 Hours of PRETTYMUCH, Please!

Makayla Riley, Writer

March 8, 2018

Los Angeles based boy pop band PRETTYMUCH has released their brand new single of the year and is ready to show some love to all their BEANZ fans.  On Valentine's Day, their song "10,000 Hours" hit digital streaming services and has already gained a million streams.   “10,000 Hours” is abo...

Song of the Week: “Teacher” by PRETTYMUCH

Makayla Riley, Writer

October 18, 2017

Get ready for the next boy band sensation. PRETTYMUCH is the next hot thing and they are ready to break into the music scene and into the hearts of teenage girls. On Sept. 28, the group released their second single “Teacher.” The song conveys a sentimental message about being with the one you lo...

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