Song of the Week: “Teacher” by PRETTYMUCH

Makayla Riley, Writer

Get ready for the next boy band sensation. PRETTYMUCH is the next hot thing and they are ready to break into the music scene and into the hearts of teenage girls. On Sept. 28, the group released their second single “Teacher.” The song conveys a sentimental message about being with the one you love and the willingness to do anything for them, but this is not your average, downtempo love song. The boys sing in the catchy chorus, “You can be my teacher, you can be my boss,” while singing over an exuberant beat and an influential hip-hop style. They make you feel like the luckiest person in the world when they say “Every single day is your birthday.” And who would not be swooned when they mention “we’ll be connected like a hotspot, I got WiFi, girl”? This upbeat song has me fangirling already.


PRETTYMUCH was formed last year by Simon Cowell, who was also responsible for the popularity of One Direction. Their first single, “Would You Mind” released July of this year, which they also performed at the Teen Choice Awards on Aug 17. While a album from these boys is expected, no information has been given of when. Oh, the suspense. In the meantime, we will keep a watch out for Brandon, Nick, Zion, Austin, and Edwin as they continue to intrigue us with those groovy beats and soothing voices.