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Sara Cabrera
Sara Cabrera, a current senior, is an optimistic writer for The Downey Legend. For Cabrera, journalism is not just a hobby or a class; it’s a passion and a future career. According to Cabrera, she started her sophomore year, yet to discover her writing talent. It was Mrs. Stratford, her sophomore English teacher, who recommended her to join The Downey Legend. “I was a bit intimidated about the whole thing at first,” Cabrera said. After some time to think and a few pushes from Mrs. Stratford, Cabrera made the decision to join. “It was the greatest choice I ever made,” Cabrera said.


Cabrera not only dedicates most of her time to writing for the online newspaper, she also enjoys dancing at a very popular dance studio: Santa Fe Springs Performing Arts Center. Her dancing skills helped her make the Downey High School Dance team for the 2013-2014 school year. With motivation to major in journalism and minor in dance, her dream is to travel around the world for six months after she graduates from a college somewhere in the east coast. She also plans to get a part time job as an interpreter, because she is fluent in sign language. Cabrera’s goal this year as a writer is to make The Downey Legend more popular and known to the students at Downey High.

Sara Cabrera , Writer/ Copy Editor

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