Mother of many talents


Gissel Enriquez

On April 12, Santa Alejos demonstrates the pride she has in her four Downey High School students and the support of the various activities her children are involved in. Jazmin, 11, is part of DHS Dance Team, Jaqueline, 11, plays the clarinet in band, Jerry, 10, is a wrestler and Jocelyn, 10, is part of the JV track team.

Sara Cabrera, Writer/ Copy Editor

Aside from being a supportive parent, Santa Alejos, mother of Joselyn, 9, Gerardo, 10, Jaqueline, 11, and Jazmin, 11, has been involved in helping the community and her children’s schools since her oldest twin daughters Jazmin and Jaqueline were in the fourth grade attending Gauldin Elementary School. She has progressively been more involved as her children went through middle school at East and now attend Downey High.


“I really do like how she’s always been involved and supporting us, because it obviously has motivated me to be involved too,” Joselyn Alejos said.


Alejos has always been a part of the PTA at each one of her children’s schools. She has made costumes for events such as Earth Day, which was her first project, helping the East middle cheer squad create routines for pep rallies, and helped Mr. Alex with the fitness club at Downey High.


“My mom is creative in a lot of things,” Jazmin Alejos said.  “She always has all these ideas and likes making costumes. She knows how to dance really well too, which is how my sisters and I learned.”


When Alejos first started contributing, Mr. Gaytan, a substitute teacher whom is involved in the community as a KIWIN’S club leader, was there to guide her. Because she takes such interest in helping the community, she became a member of the KIWIN’S club, along with her daughters Jazmin and Joselyn and her son Gerardo.


“I started to get involved and do a lot of things for Mr. Gaytan and I always told him that he could count on me for whatever he needs,” Alejos said. “It doesn’t matter that I haven’t done or had much experience to do certain things, but if he needs it I try my best. It is very gratifying to help.”


Alejos stated that one of her most challenging projects was making KIWIN’S mascot, Kar Kar the dinosaur, for Back to School Night in September.


“It took me about three months,” Alejos said. “In one month I did the bottom, but doing the head of the dinosaur did stress me out a little bit because it was the first time I did something like that, and at times I couldn’t even sleep because I didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Gaytan.”


She shared how much the kids have enjoyed the dinosaur and have used it since. She feels honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to the KIWIN’S club in such an immense way.


“I would have never thought I could do something like that,” Alejos said. “It took me some time, but I believe it was well worth it.  At the end, everything has its awards and if they asked me for another one, I would be glad to do it.”


Alejos’s mother’s lack of involvement is a very emotional topic for her. She feels that the reason she is so involved in her children’s lives is to give them the support and attention she never received as a child.


“I promised myself I would always support my children in anything they want to do without criticizing them or judging them, for the same reason that I don’t want to continue the cycle by not giving my children the time necessary,” Alejos said while attempting to hold back tears. “I want be an example to my children and give them the support and education they need to achieve their goals and also pass those values down to their children.”


This mother of four will continue to support her children in achieving their dreams and will always be involved in the community and school she has shared multiple times she is proud to be a part of.