Spirit Week

On Tues., Jan. 14, senior Jackie Tester dresses as a hipster to participate in the biannual Downey-Warren spirit week.

Sara Cabrera, Writer/ Copy Editor

As the wrestling match and basketball game against Warren High School approached students showed their excitement during Spirit Week from Jan. 13 through the 17.

Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Hipster Day, Wednesday was Camouflage or Pink day, Thursday was Preppy Day, and Friday was Viking Pride Day, for everyone except the seniors wearing white for the Black Light Assembly that took place during 3rd period.

Students started off the week with Pajama Day, although some were disappointed by the weather being 85 degrees which made them think twice about the warm pajamas they considered wearing. This did not stop the junior couple CJ Stricklin and Jessie Herrara, as he wore a Superman onsesie, and she wore a Thing 1 onesie.

“We didn’t care about it being hot because we wanted to wear them, and we do like them especially because we wanted to go all out during spirit week,” Herrara said. “A lot of people told us it was cute of us and funny that we both wore onesies.”

Hipster Day and Preppy day were two of the spirit days that have never been done before, but twere the days that received the most positive feedback.

“I think it was a good idea to have a Hipster Day because a lot of our school already dresses like that, and a lot of people like that style,” senior Felisha Corona said. “It probably got way more people to participate.”

For Preppy Day, some of the football players went as far as borrowing a Girls St. Joseph’s school uniform to portray the look. Senior Troy Stricklin even shaved his legs for the occasion.

Students agreed to the idea of having a Camouflage or Pink Day, which is also new, because it was something the majority could easily participate in since the print and color is common and currently a popular fashion trend.

“I though the whole pink, camouflage day thing was pretty funny and cool just because for some reason it reminded me of the movie Mean Girls,” sophomore Izabella Osuna said.

The three new days added a different appeal to Spirit Week which gained the interest of students and staff who wouldn’t normally dress for the week.