Five Questions with Terrell Donaldson

Sara Cabrera, Writer/ Copy Editor

Q1:  When did you first become interested in football and why?


A1: I became interested when I was in middle school.  I went to Sussman and transferred to Marshal Middle School, in Long Beach. I thought it would be fun, keep me out of trouble, teach me a lot, and help me make new friends. I actually started playing when I was a junior on JV, and this year I’m on varsity.




Q2: Have you let the fact that you are hard of hearing affect your playing?


A2: Yes I have. I would have started earlier if I didn’t let it affect me, because at first, I thought I couldn’t play since I’m hard of hearing, but when I started my junior year, I was thinking like, ‘awe man I should of started way earlier’.



Q3: What are some of the obstacles you’ve come across because you are hard of hearing and how do you get past them?


A3: Sometimes I have trouble hearing the coaches and the other football players, but I try my best to pay close attention, hang in there for the sport and the team, and always give it my all.




Q4: Who are your biggest supporters?


A4: Well, my parents thought it was dangerous at first, but I proved them wrong and that I am capable of doing anything I want to do, but they always supported me. The football players are very supportive of me because I’m hard of hearing, so they always tell me just in case I miss something; I can always depend on them. They help me a lot.




Q5: What college do you plan on attending and would you like to play football there?

A5: I would like to attend Long Beach College, but I’m not sure yet. I want to become a doctor because I want to help save lives and find a cure for cancer.