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Mileena Sosa

Mileena Sosa, Photographer

Mileena Sosa is 17 years old and is a photographer for The Downey Legend. Although she is now a senior, her photographic interest began in her eighth grade year. She would like to continue her path with photography with the hopes of attending an art school that will guide her towards her dream job as a catalog photographer. “I like to take pictures of nature and I also like to take pictures of people to capture their expressions,” Sosa said. Getting a shot that exceeds her audience’s expectations is Sosa’s goal because of her dedication to photography. “One of my biggest worries is that I won’t be able to capture the right moment on camera,” Sosa said. The root of her inspiration primarily originates from versatile forms of artwork that catch her eye.


She enjoys running and video game and another spunky perk about her is her fascination for zombies. The art of music is very important to her, as she is a former percussionist. Her favorite music genres vary from heavy metal to indie folk. Balancing her schoolwork is a main priority to her because it is the foundation of her desired future, and she has high expectations for herself and works efficiently to reach her goals. Newspaper is more than happy to supply her with the proper foundation for her future success in photography.

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Mileena Sosa