Reading into the world of fantasy


Mileena Sosa

On Thursday, December 13, students gather in room C-106 to read the new novel The Hobbit. Club members will walk to the Krikorian theatre on Dec. 21 for the new released film.

Rodas Hailu , Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, Dec. 6, The Hobbit Book Club had their first meeting in C-106, dedicated to the eager fans of the novel and upcoming motion picture.


Initiated by Ms. Cara Cleek, The Hobbit Book Club was established just in time before the Dec. 14release of the film. In the past, she formed The Hunger Games and Twilight book clubs before the films of the respective books came out as well. The advisor and club members read the book in anticipation of the release.


“I read The Hobbit when I was thirteen,” Cleek said. “I’m rereading it with the kids, which is fun since it’s a new experience.”


The English teacher organized The Hobbit clique since her students asked if she would like to participate in another novel-based club.


“It was an impromptu club due to the fact that my students asked if I was interested in doing it,” Cleek said.


Senior Bryce Caliwag was one of the students who advised her to make the club.


“I thought it would be fun, and I really enjoyed the book, so I suggested it to her [Cleek], and she made a Hobbit book club,” Caliwag said. “And the field trip to go see the movie is also a good incentive.”


The Hobbit, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, follows the protagonist, hobbit Bilbo Baggins, on a journey to find treasure that rightfully belongs to his dwarf companions. Caliwag has his reasons for enjoying the work by Tolkien.


“I enjoyed the descriptive world that Tolkien was able to illustrate and the adventurous plot that kept me entertained throughout the series,” Caliwag said.


For senior Jonathan Larson, the writing style of Tolkien is what interested him in reading The Hobbit.


“I’ve always liked old-fashioned and medieval mixed with fantasy sort of stuff,” Larson said. “I think it’s really interesting, especially since it comes out of the authors head. It doesn’t have to be real. That’s what really interested me.”


Regardless of having read the book or not, The Hobbit Book Club is one that will be devoted to the imagination of the club members.