10 places for gifts $15 and under


Mileena Sosa

During the month of December, stores begin to throw sales for the upcoming holiday rush. Some items that can be purchased for only $10 include: scarfs, hats, pencils, CDs, and a guitar tuner.

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

With the hype of the holiday season, students are finding their pockets a bit lighter after shopping for the best gifts to share. Luckily, stores like Old Navy, Forever 21, and Target offer present-worthy merchandise that will suffice your budget.


Target: Give your holiday party some childhood flare with classic games Sorry!, Would You Rather…?, Operation, Connect4, Scrabble, and Hedbanz for only $8. And for guys who aren’t into games, give them a Rolling Stones or Captain America t-shirt for $10. They’ll appreciate the masculine gesture.


Forever 21: For only $4.99, this store offers a variety of different patterned fleece blankets, including polka dots or stripes. For him and her, at $5.99, you can find black and straw-colored fedoras. Scarves aren’t scarce either for the sale price of $7.


Guitar Center: For the rest of December, since those beginning musicians need something to help them keep their guitars in tune, $9 tuners are available for them. Aspiring DJs also need a pick-me-up, which is why the Numark Dual-Cup DJ headphones for $14.99 will have them getting their records ready.


Walmart: Take a look at Catchphrase, the ultimate electronic guessing game, for only $15. After stressing yourself out from guessing words like “finance” and “telephone,” give your friend some R&R with multi-colored lava lamps from $12.97.


iTunes: Music lovers who support their artists, and actually pay for their music, will appreciate the extra cash from an iTunes gift card. Simple, yet beneficial.


JCPenney: Secret Santa gifts that no one could hate are fuzzy slippers and socks. Whether your gift receiver likes blue with bows or black with red stripes, you can’t beat comfort for $10. For the same price, brand name Arizona has many fashionable tees, warm pajama pants, and flannels.


Staples: High school students everywhere are notorious for having at least one friend who appreciates nothing other than school supplies: Cassette-shaped Stickies for $7.99, a multi-colored dozen pack of Bic Pencils for $4.99, or a black dry erase board for $9.99 that writes neon with a 5-pack of dry erase markers.


Big Lots: Someone obsessed with his or her car? This store offers car fresheners and funky wheel covers for just under $10.


Miniinthebox.com: Get caught looking at the time at a watch with personality. For $8.49, this site full of inexpensive gifts even offers a watch that looks like it was made out of Legos. A perk: it’ll ship within 24 hours.


Still not worth reaching into your pocket? The best gifts are known to be from the heart, so go ahead and make something you think your friends will like. A mix CD, photo collage, back-and-forth notebook, or even batches of cookies will suffice. This holiday season, don’t fret about your budget; with all these stores offering bang-for-your-buck deals, there’s something for everyone to shop for.