Finding common interests


Mileena Sosa

At the Downey High Club Rush, Eduardo Munoz,11, disguised as a green and purple dinosaur, dances to “YMCA” with his fellow Juniors Yasmeen Delatorre, Rigoberto Chavez, Arnold Gonzalez, and Aaron Sanchez. “It was really fun! I enjoyed the moment,” Munoz stated. “It was super hot and sweaty inside the dinosaur suit, but it was worth it.”

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

From the new Glee club to the KIWIN’S service club, many organized goups throughout campus held a meet-and-greet to urge new members to join, on Sept.18 and 19, during both lunches by the rally stage. Students were anxious to know what each club encompassed and how they could fit in.

For the first time, Glee fans were able to come together and discuss the show and have the opportunity to be part of the group who enjoys the hit television series.

“We just enjoyed the show so much, and wanted to share our intrest by creating a group where all we talked about was Glee!” senior Joseph Ortiz  said.

A veteran club that  was gathering new members, was the KIWIN’S club. It provides students a way to give back to the community while having fun with their friends. The club had their mascot, a green dinosaur called KarKar, walk around the quad to help recruit.

“The Key Club and KIWIN’S club have always had a great rivalry,” Steven Clemens, 12, said. “And this time, KIWIN’S did a great job in recruiting new members.”

The event helped new students find people with similar interests to them so they do not feel too secluded in a new environment. Club Rush happens once during the school year, and it gives student a range of interests to choose from, as well as possibilities they did not know existed.

“When I started school last year as a freshman, I had no friends,” Andria Melendez,10, said. “but because of the clubs I joined I ended up with many people who love the same things I do.”

Club Rush was a success, students left excited for the beginning of the meetings and events.