Guide to Super Bowl LVII 

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

The time has come, Super Bowl weekend has arrived. This Sunday, February 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will go head to head to take the title as Super Bowl champions. Many are ecstatic and cannot wait to watch the Super Bowl. Last year, about over 208 million people in the United States watched the game. Whether you are watching only for the halftime show, this year being Rihanna, or watching to see who takes the title, here is everything you need to know about this year’s Super Bowl. 

The Philadelphia Eagles last won the Super Bowl in 2018, which was their first time ever winning the title as well as their first time in the Super Bowl with a score of 41-33. The Eagles landed their spot in the Super Bowl with a win against the 49ers, 31-7. The last time the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl was in 2020 with a score of 31-20 against the 49ers. However, they were in the Super Bowl last year but lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31-9. This year, the Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals with a close score, 23-20, to make their spot in the Super Bowl. 

Both the Eagles and Chiefs have a record of 16-3, including the playoffs, for this season. This game might be considered as a revenge game as the head coach for the Eagles, Nick Sirianni, used to be an assistant coach for the Chiefs and Andy Reid, head coach for the Chiefs, was fired from the Eagles in 2013. This builds up tension for both teams. Not only do both teams have a match record, their stats for this season are quite similar as both teams scored 546 points. Also, Jason Kelce, who plays for the Eagles, and Travis Kelce, who plays for the Chiefs, will play against each other. 

Now the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is injured which Eagles can use to their advantage, however Mahomes did play in the Conference Championships (the game that led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl) and won. But in Super Bowl LV, Mahomes played with an injured toe and lost so the Eagles must take advantage that Mahomes is not at his best. According to Kansas City general manager, Brett Veach, their main objective isto protect Mahomes, whose movement and improvisational skills make him both a generational talent and an incredibly difficult quarterback to block as a lineman.” The Chiefs do not want a repeat of what happened to them back in 2021, so assuming that Mahmoes is carefully recovering and allowing his injury to heal, the Eagles have to be ready. A possible approach for this is if the Eagles strategically use their quarterback, Jalen Hurts. “If Jalen Hurts has time in the pocket and can find his receivers, the offense will be tough to stop with its attack.”

Anything can happen in this year’s Super Bowl despite the stats of each team and who is injured and who is not. There is no real way of telling who is going to win or who is the better team. Each team has worked incredibly hard to be in the position they are in. To watch the Super Bowl, you can head over to FOX at 3:30 PM pacific time.