Caught up in the net


Monique Munoz

On March 21 Juan Radogal, 12, reaches the ball, spiking it to the other side scoring a point against rivals Warren. “The most intense games are when we play against Warren,” Radogal said. “because we never want the Bears to win.”

Vivian Buenrostro , Co-Editor-in-Cheif

The classic Downey vs. Warren rivalry tension was present during the varsity boys volleyball game on March 21. Entering the gymnasium with four wins and only two losses, the Viking’s felt confident going against the Bears. However, Downey underestimated their opponent and ended the night with a loss of 3-0.


The transition to this year’s team was challenging considering more than half of the veteran players had graduated. Putting nothing but their focus, teamwork, and sweat on the court, the Vikings fought to give the Bears a close game.


Downey knew by the end of the first period that they were going to need to put their best efforts on the court in order to keep up. With the score of 25-22 at the end of the first period, the audience filled the gym with loud, supportive cheers.


Attempting to surpass the Bears, Anthony Sandoval, 12, consistently spiked the ball over to Warren’s court giving the Vikings the lead. It wasn’t until the end of the second period when the Bears quickly scored six hits, winning the second period with the score 25-19.


“We didn’t play our best that night,” Sandoval said, “but we know their strategies for the next time we play them.”


The pressure for junior Marjan Abubo was on; Abubo was the starter for most of the game and had spoken about his running for vice president at the 2013 ASB caucus earlier in the day.


“I had to balance everything out and make sure I didn’t overwhelm myself because both events were equally important to me,” Abubo said.


Although defeat was already set in stone, the Viking’s continued to push through and give it their all for the final period. The encouragement on the court and the audience kept the game alive. There were reoccurring instances where Downey set up the play for a spike into Warren’s side of the court, but the Bears blocked most of these attempts, thus gaining points for themselves. Warren’s audience cheered at the sight of the final score of 25-15.


“We need to redeem ourselves and work harder the next time we face them,” Coach Rand said.


The Vikings ended the night by congratulating the Bears for their earned win and a quick pep talk from Coach Rand. Warren’s accurate plays gave them the win this time around, but Downey is sure to be looking for blood next game on April 16.