Scholarships, a said way to get into college

Scholarships, a said way to get into college

On April 13, scholarship senior athletes Josh Guerra, Brandi Neilan, Katie Medina, and Staci Rodriguez show off their potential on the field. All four athletes have gained recognition for their athletic abilities at the Home of the Vikings.

John Franco, Sports Editor

With college only steps away, seniors around campus are already into their desired schools. Some may have gotten in with the basic traditional acceptances while others have been accepted in with full scholarships.

The time is now here where colleges across the nation look for said students that are athletically superb to attend their schools by offering them various sports scholarships.

“It’s pretty common this time of year,” College Career Center Adviser Tina Campos said. “We expect a fair amount of students from Downey to receive these scholarships.”

College Career Center Adviser Tina Campos has been working around the clock to make sure that students are offered the best in scholarships and that if any opportunity seems to arise she can alert the student body in a timely manner.

“It’s really something extraordinary; I enjoy helping out all the students and to see all their dedication and enthusiasm it really make me happy,” Campos said.

Several athletes have received full ride offers from several institutions.

From the softball program we have scholarship recipients Katie Medina and Staci Rodriguez. Medina was offered a full-ride to the University of Florida and Rodriguez was offered a full-ride to New Mexico State. Both ladies feel very honored to have received this honor for them to continue playing softball.

“I’m very excited for college!” Medina said. “I had a strong feeling of some sort of financial aid but I never though I would receive a fully paid tuition.”

From the baseball team recipient Joshua Guerra was also awarded aid. Being named CO-MVP of the San Gabriel Valley League, Guerra was accepted through a baseball scholarship at Long Beach State.

“I feel a sense of comfort knowing exactly what school I will be going to,” Guerra said.

Receiving scholarships for football and soccer were Rory Gilmartin and Brandi Neilan. Gilmartin was accepted to Garden-Webb University due to his football skills and Neilan was accepted into Cal Poly Pomona for her chance to continue her league-dominating skills.

Several other athletes are still undecided. Soccer player Lorena Ruiz is being recruited by Whittier College. Football and track player Isaac Dan has scholarship offer from the University of California, Santa Barbara, University of California, San Diego, and Lipscomb University. Kyle Lewis is being recruited by the Pac 10 conference for football and softball player Andrea Arellano is being recruited by University of California San Diego.

“Honestly this has been a huge weight off my back,” Ruiz said. “I have the luxury of now knowing what school I will be attending. “

With the current economic downturn and money always being a factor these students have been rewarded by receiving scholarships to said schools. These students know that it is a high honor that not anyone can achieve.