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Scholarships, a said way to get into college

Scholarships, a said way to get into college

John Franco, Sports Editor

April 14, 2011

With college only steps away, seniors around campus are already into their desired schools. Some may have gotten in with the basic traditional acceptances while others have been accepted in with full scholarships. The time is now here where colleges across the nation look for said students that are athl...

A homerun victory for softball

A homerun victory for softball

Brandon Pineda, News Editor

March 18, 2011

In a slaughtering outcome, the varsity softball team swung their way to victory against St. Josephs on March 10. The Lady Vikings defeated them with an extremely close score of 9-8. The match against them was the first time they had played on home ground this season. The Vikings had a grand total of...

Principals switch positions

Angelica Co, Staff Writer

January 26, 2011

With the hope of learning the methods for teaching different levels of education, Viking principal Mr. Houts swapped places with Gallatin Elementary School’s resident principal Dr. Bertsch. Switching places had not originally been the central focus of the principals’ discussion. Mr. Houts and...

Girls tennis advances to CIF

Girls tennis advances to CIF

Sharon Kim, Parents Section Editor

November 5, 2010

The Girls’ Varsity Tennis team triumphed over the Pirates at Paramount High on Thursday, October 21 and won their long-coveted spot at CIF. Out of the two previous games that the ladies had played against the Pirates, they had won one and lost one. This last game would determine who would take second plac...

Athlete of the week

Eileen Castle

November 4, 2009

Katie Medina and Janette Rico, tennis players at Downey, are ranked the No.1 doubles team in varsity so far this season. Having only played tennis for a couple of months, Medina has excelled at tennis with the help of her partner Rico. ”I’m so proud of us,” said Medina. “All our hard work...

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