Addressing the Fentanyl Crisis

Cesar Lopez, Writer

As you may have heard about the fatal fentanyl overdose of 15 year old girl, at a Hollywood, CA high school recently sparked conversations about the growing deadly opioid; especially among teenagers. Parents and school staff share what should be done to prevent future incidents.

Mother of Downey High School student, Lupe Diaz, states  “I think social media has been a huge factor in the recent uptick of teenagers overdosing on fentanyl, kids these days are easily influenced on what they see on their screen, so when people glamorize getting high, of course, teenagers are going to be inclined to experiment with that stuff,” Diaz stated. “I believe a way is by starting at home, parents should actively be involved in what their kids are doing; both at home and outside, have conversations with their children about the dangers of this drug.”

Another parent shares what he thinks is contributing to the fentanyl crisis.

Father of Downey High School student, Samuel Lopez states  “I fear about how accessible this drug is becoming and how sometimes teenagers don’t know that they’re putting that in their body, with the recent stories I’ve heard about on the news. I’ve seen that most kids who are getting their hands on fentanyl are getting lazed pills.” Lopez stated. “I think the way to prevent future overdoses is to give harder punishments for people distributing these drugs.” 

A school administrator shares his perspective and what happens to students caught carrying fentanyl on campus. 

The assistant principal of Downey High School, Golden Fowler states “It’s a guaranteed suspension, law enforcement will get involved and you’ll face possible arrest.” Fowler stated. “You’ll also have a district hearing and that will ultimately be the final decision in your consequences in regards to school.”