2020 Presidential Candidates

Nicole Alvarez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Donald J. Trump’s four year term as the 45th president of the U.S. is nearing its end as 2020 approaches. There have been multiple petitions from government officials and ordinary U.S. citizens trying to impeach him since day one of his presidency, so there is no question that those opposing his presidency hope to see a fresh face for president in 2020. However, there are still thousands of loyal Trump supporters who stand up for him. Candidates from diverse backgrounds have begun their campaigns, including some familiar faces that ran in 2016.


Can you feel the Bern?

One of the candidates listed for the 2020 presidential election is Bernie Sanders, who ran for president in 2016 as a Democrat. However, the Democratic nomination ultimately went to Hillary Clinton. Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist which can be concerning to others because of Socialism bad reputation. In Socialist countries, such as Venezuela, the government has left their citizens without food, medicine, and other necessities. These Socialist governments are far from what Sanders has planned for the U.S. Instead, he believes the U.S. is more than capable of giving people free healthcare, education, and child care. Although these claims sound appealing, many people believe these “extreme liberal beliefs” are what made him lose the presidential campaign. Sander’s name will be one of the most heard as 2019 ends as people discuss the fate of the U.S.


Women for President

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign took her all the way to election night. Although she did not win, women politicians have gained confidence and feel that they have a genuine chance to win. There are a total of six women running this year including California senator Kamala Harris. Harris is the daughter of  Asian/African American with a campaign platform whose main focus is safety, foreign policy, gun control, and equality for all. She is said to be one of the number one contenders for the Democratic party. In fact, all the women currently running are Democrats. Although all the women are running in the same party, they have diverse backgrounds and beliefs which will set them apart from each other. Tulsi Gabbard, for example, is the first American Samoan/Hindu that is part of the U.S. Congress. Although she held conservative views in the past, she now presents herself as pro-choice and supports same-sex marriage.Another candidate is Elizabeth Warren who has recently stated that she will not be accepting any PAC money and challenged her opponents to do the same. This will help her gain trust from citizens since she is proving that her goal is not just to win but to be a good president for the U.S. Women have broken boundaries for centuries and now there is a chance that America will see their very first woman president.  


When asked about her thoughts on the chances that a woman can win the presidential election, Ariadne Alvarez, 10, expresses her in faith in the possibility to make U.S. history.


“I believe a woman can win, it’s sad that we have to work twice as harder for it, but we can,” Alvarez stated. “This year we have gotten more representatives in the office that are women and so far it’s gotten so much progress.”


Though more women have entered the 2020 ring in hopes of claiming the presidency, the country is still rife with mixed feelings at the prospect of a Madame President.


There is also the possibility Trump’s four year term extends to eight especially since there’s not many popular republican candidates currently. John Kasich, is the current Ohio governor and according to The Week, is the number one contender for the presidency next to Trump. However there will not be a clear view of who has a high chance of winning until the candidates are official and we hear the debates.