Mrs. Carlson is recognized as Teacher of the Year

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

Tina Carlson was awarded Teacher of The Year on Tuesday, April 19 by the Downey Masonic Lodge. Carlson is an English teacher and significant fixture of the Downey High School staff. Outside of her job as an English teacher, she is chair of the English department, AP coordinator, CSF advisor and is in charge of administering Stauffer scholarships.


Carlson expressed how appreciative she was for those on the Downey staff who elected her this year.


“I was extremely honored,” said Carlson, “It was a great achievement made even better because my own peers nominated me.”


Before she established herself as an English Teacher her at Downey, she planned to be a pre-med student, wanting to enter the medical field.


“I switched my major from pre-med to English,” said Carlson. ”I always loved literature and have always been fascinated by and its connection to the human condition.”


English and Poetry Appreciation teacher Josette Bean shared her own thoughts on Mrs. Carlson’s achievement.


“Mrs. Carlson has taught and done everything she could for this department,” said Bean. “I’ve worked alongside her for twenty years and I’m really glad she got this award.”


Another Downey High School teacher and colleague Bernie Glasser explained how efficient she is at her job and the way her work here proceeds her.


“Mrs. Carlson is a fabulous teacher and always does a good job at everything she does,” said Glasser. “Her students always appreciate her well after they’ve been in her class and are in college.”


According to several staff members, the title of Teacher of the Year is well deserved and Downey High School is fortunate to have a dedicated individual like Carlson on campus.