A Look Into Trump’s First Year of Presidency

Ajla Nasic, Social Media Manager

Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017, President Donald Trump has instigated polarizing sentiments among the nations. From his aim to reform immigration to his plan to rid of the Affordable Care Act, many skeptical citizens have been fearful of the impact of his planned policies.


While Trump emphasized his want to reform immigration through deporting illegal immigrants, he made clear of his motive to repeal his predecessor’s implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — a program that grants amnesty to children of illegal immigrants.


Americans, like Luben Mitrachkov, 12, have possessed mixed thoughts on President Trump’s approach to battling illegal immigration.


“I mainly disagree with his motive to completely abolish DACA,” Mitrachkov said. “While I do think illegal immigration is an issue, I feel like it is unfair for him to punish kids who didn’t otherwise have a say in coming to America.”


In addition to campaigning on immigration reform, Trump initially assured fellow Americans that he would attempt to maintain friendly relations with fellow foreign powers. However, there is a growing sentiment that President Trump is behaving unprofessionally in addressing other foreign leaders.


Some students, like Daniel Bravo, 11, disagree with the way Trump utilizes his platform and title, specifically through social media, to address other foreign leaders.


“The harmful way he speaks about other countries, like North Korea, could harm the country as a whole,” Bravo said. “It just badly represents America.”


On the topic of foreign relations, Trump additionally assured keeping the United States uninvolved from conflicts occurring between other countries. Ultimately, the President backed out on this promise when he initiated a missile strike at the Syrian Shayrat Airbase in Apr. 2017.


This surprising decision motivated citizens, like Claire Mutia, 12, to remain skeptical about the President’s future promises to American citizens.


“It was shocking to see him reverse something he platformed on so fast,” Mutia said. “I feel like many people can’t trust him after that.”

During the White House’s annual State of the Union on Jan. 30, President Trump addressed many of the issues he initially platformed on and was met with a positive response from his supporters. According to Rasmussen’s Presidential Tracking Poll, Trump’s approval rating is 49% — the highest its been since his inauguration.