Russia Calls for Peace Amidst U.S.-North Korea Disputes

Hector Diaz, Photographer

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov warned on Monday, November 27, of an “apocalyptic scenario” unfolding in the Korean territories. The warning comes as a result of North Korea’s refusal to stop the continuation of its nuclear weapons development despite being condemned by many nations. As tensions between North and South Korea begin to escalate and fear over North Korea’s nuclear weapons development spread, Morgulov states that he hopes for a peaceful solution.


South Korean Downey High student and wrestler Jeremy Park, 12, believes that certain leadership requirements are necessary for peace to be achieved.


“I definitely think that it’s possible,” Park said, “but not with Kim Jong Un, maybe with a different leader in control.”

The International Community has kept a watchful eye on the secretive regime due to all the missile and nuclear tests that have been carried out, despite repeated demands to cease all developments and tests. President Donald Trump has warned North Korea that the United States is ready for war should any actions be taken against the U.S. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the United States should not use military force against North Korea, believing that peace can be achieved if both sides were to calm down and seek out diplomatic solutions.


Neutral viewer Daniel Ramirez, 12, believes that the United States and North Korea should only engage in violence as a last resort.


“I think we should try to find a peaceful solution,” Ramirez said, “but if we do try and it doesn’t succeed, well then I suppose we’ll have to take action.”


Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov has also accused the United States of deliberately provoking North Korea to continue their developments of Nuclear Arms. The claim comes after United Nations U.S. envoy, Nikki Haley suggested that all other nations cut off trade and diplomatic relations with the regime, and a statement that the United States, if threatened, would “utterly destroy” North Korea.


Concerned with the possibilities of a nuclear World War III, Rene Cardona states that both nations are to blame.


“I believe that we are partially responsible, but the fact is, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are both individuals who are both very easily aggravated,” Cardona said. “The escalating tensions are a direct result of both of their personalities.”


While tensions remain high, it is unclear whether or not North Korea will heed the warnings of the International Community and cease the development of its Nuclear Weapons or continue to defy all warnings and continue their nuclear program.