Prince Harry is Officially Engaged

Corey Ocasio, Writer

For years, youngest son of the late Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s personal life has constantly been in the spotlight and he was perceived as the young prince who would never settle down and get married. However, that all ceased when it was formally announced to the world that the British prince was engaged to American actress Meghan Markle on Monday, Nov. 27.


The engagement was disclosed publicly through a post on Twitter from the Clarence House and has astonished citizens of the United Kingdom and people all around the world within a matter of days. The proposal, which actually happened earlier this month, has perhaps been the most talked about royal news since Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were married back in 2011.


“His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms Meghan Markle,” the Clarence House tweeted on their account, “His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle became engaged in London earlier this month. Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty the Queen and other close members of his family.”


Sophomore Vivian Viramontes, who has always been a fan of British culture, explains why the announcement has garnered a wave of controversy and is turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic.


“She comes from an average middle-class background which is the complete opposite of what Harry comes from,” Viramontes said, “and to top it all off she’s an American with a black mom and a white dad so it’s no surprise that the world is so fascinated with the engagement.”


Members of the Harry’s family, including grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and father Prince Charles, have received the news well and are delighted by the step the young prince is taking to reach maturity. Markle’s divorced parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, have publicly expressed their favor of the marriage after being asked for their blessing by Prince Harry.


“We are incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry. Our daughter has always been a kind and loving person,” The parents said. “To see her union with Harry, who shares the same qualities, is a source of great joy for us as parents…We wish them a lifetime of happiness and are very excited for their future together.”


The union between Prince Harry and 36-year-old divorcée Meghan Markle would make history as Markle would be the first person of color to be married into the royal family. She will also be the first American to marry British royalty in over 80 years since the union of American socialite Wallis Simpson to King Edward VIII which resulted in the king abdicating his throne in 1936 after enduring heavy criticism.


Always interested in the most up-to-date world news, Ashley Vergara, 12, shares how she believes the union could bring the nation into a more modern era and break the royal tradition of only marrying individuals of British ancestry.


“It would nice for a change to see a person who is not British or European to be married into the royal family,” Vergara said. “I’m excited that I will be able to witness this marriage and I hope it can show others that things don’t always have to be a certain way and rules can be broken.”


Whether or not the 33-year-old prince is committed to be in a marriage with the Suits TV star has been pondering in the minds of people everywhere. Considering his past behaviors and actions, it is easy to understand why the potential union would be under do much scrutiny.


Ernie Huerta, 12, discusses why he thinks the young prince is ready to be in a potential marriage with his new fiancée despite his past antics.


“He’s been involved in some controversy and made a few bad choices, but so what no one is perfect and he was just a young kid at the time,” Huerta said. “I think he has matured enough over time and proven himself able to be in a serious marriage with Meghan Markle.”   


If their plans to get married fall through, future duchess Meghan Markle has addressed that she would retire from her acting career and instead devote her time to charity and humanitarian work which is typical of wives of royalty.


Ashley Vergara, 12, personally disagrees with the decision Markle has made give up her acting career as she would be wasting all the time and effort she put into being an actress and making it big.


“I think she should still continue to do acting because she is a really at what she does,” Vergara said. “ She shouldn’t stop her career just because she happens to be getting married to a prince.”


The couple plan to tie the knot in the spring of 2018 and the grand ceremony will most likely be held at Westminster Abbey. They will eventually reside at the Kensington Palace in Nottingham Cottage where the prince currently resides and was previously occupied by Prince William and Kate Middleton as newlyweds. Further details about the arrangement between the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to come as time progresses.