Apple Introduces the Red iPhone

Alex Castillo , Copy Editor

Tech giant Apple Inc. has released a more colorful, red version of their famous iPhone as of March 21. The new addition comes to Apple’s popular (PRODUCT) RED line. This product line is associated with (RED), a charity organization that aims to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria using the proceeds from their sponsored products.


(PRODUCT) RED has donated a quarter of all international research funding for these diseases as a result of their partnerships with big name brands. Penguin Classics, Coca-Cola and Nike are on the list of successful campaigns. Their branding on products make the organization extremely noticeable.


While the red color was welcomed by consumers, many have qualms about the white front. Matt Rodriguez, 10, is an avid fan of Apple products and feels like the white coloring is a bit off putting but not a total dealbreaker.


“It does look a little ugly with a white front,” Rodriguez said. “I would’ve wanted it in black and a ton of people are already trying to like fix the phone to give it a black front.”


The black front has been desired by consumers so badly that there has been an increase in iPhone modification videos mainly explaining how to open the phone to slip a black covering inside. While the phone operates just like any other iPhone model, the main issue for most consumers is simply the way it looks.


The color is the only real difference with this new iPhone which begs the question: is a new colorway worth dropping the $749 for a new phone?


Jasmine Cortez, 10, argues that procuring a phone is only worthwhile in a few situations.


“I got it because my phone contract was running out anyways,” Cortez said. “I just got it replaced and I didn’t pay that much money. It is really expensive though so I probably wouldn’t get it if I had to pay for the whole thing.”


It is no secret that Apple’s popularity has skyrocketed after their partnership with (PRODUCT) RED. Apple has featured multiple limited edition products carrying the charity’s logo such as versions of the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and the Mac Pro.


All consumers have their favorites of the sleek red items but for Jesus Cortez, 12, the red iPod Nano takes the cake.


“I think it’s the nicest looking thing that Apple has sold,” Cortez said. “I remember buying that iPod when I was way younger and I still have it so it’s pretty cool to me.”

Given the huge success of the partnership, it is no surprise that Apple continues to partner with this charity to create gorgeous looking pieces of hardware while also fighting fatal diseases at the same time.