March Lunacy

James Torrico, Writer

As March rolls around college basketball transitions into its 64 team tournament called the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, a.k.a March Madness. It is the most school represented tournament in NCAA. The tournament happens to bring schools that are not well known into the spotlight. The tournament takes place from March 16 through April 3.


Avid basketball fan and bracket filler, David Reoyo, 12, explains why he fills out a bracket.


“I fill it out because I enjoy basketball, and I think eventually one day there will be a perfect bracket, why not me?” Reoyo said.


UCLA seems to be a local fan favorite because of one young freshman by the name of Lonzo Ball and his fellow freshman teammate T.J. Leaf. The duo has carried UCLA to a high national rank of 8th. They are expected to do really well in the tournament with their NCAA record 11 National Titles.


Local UCLA fan, Michael Garcia, 10, explain why he thinks they can take it all.


“I believe UCLA can do it,” Garcia said. “They beat Kentucky this year when they were ranked     #1; they beat Oregon when they were ranked # 5 and they beat Arizona when they were ranked #4.”


Many small teams always tend to surprise, like when Mid Tennessee, ranked  #15, defeated Michigan, ranked  #2,  in the first round of last years tournament.


Carlos Hernandez, 12, gives his insights on who will surprise this year.


“I feel like USC can upset many teams this tournament,” Hernandez said. “For example when they beat SMU, they will beat Baylor, after that they will defeat Duke and make it to the Elite Eight.”
The fanbases of each school have a lot of confidence in their teams, especially with the knowledge that anything can happen in this tournament and anyone can win. March Madness induces what the title implies:madness! With the tournament finally over, brackets were busted and the upsets were not disappointing. The Final included first time finalist Gonzaga Bulldogs losing to the heavily favored North Carolina Tar Heels. Until next year.