Gone too Soon: The Death of Jose Fernandez

James Torrico, Writer

On the morning of September 25, on the shores of Miami, a boat was discovered capsized on a jetty. Among the wreckage of the vessel were three men who had lost their lives. Among those there was Miami Marlins ace pitcher, Jose Fernandez 24. He came over to the USA from Cuba and was in the MLB draft in 2011 where he was drafted by the Miami Marlins.

During his first year in the majors he was named the 2013 National League Rookie of the year and was recognized as an MLB All-Star. Not only was he extremely talented, he was an extremely  caring loveable person. He took care of his grandma while she was in Cuba by sending her gifts from USA and he took care of his mom while as a MLB player. He was the true story of the American dream, a kid coming up from nothing and becoming a great MLB player in the land of opportunity. Some may even argue, he could have been one of the best Cuban pitchers of all time.

“I knew about Jose Fernandez because my uncle plays in the MLB and he knew Jose,” Jose Rodriguez, 12, said. “ I found out about his death on Instagram and I teared up a little bit.”

What Fernandez was known for was his fight to get to this country and how he appreciates freedom, one of his famous quotes was “You were born into freedom, you don’t understand freedom.” this quote puts into mind on how we all take freedom for granted.

“I take freedom for granted,” Marco Aramburo, 12, said. “I don’t appreciate it as much as other people do because I never experienced the hardships of others. I was born into freedom.”

Jose was taken from the world too soon. Nobody could imagine somebody as young as he was to pass away.

“After hearing about Jose, I appreciate life more,” Anthony Flores, 12, said. “ I know see how life can be taken away in the blink of an eye.”

Fernandez was not only inspiration to some baseball fans but to the people who suffer the injustice of an oppressed government that is Cuba because he is an example that.