Think Pink!

Esmeralda Martinez , Copy Editor

During the month of October, people recognize those who have suffered, fallen, and conquered breast cancer. In order to promote awareness, junior, Kyle Vazquez, has openly discussed how breast cancer has affected his life. Along with Vazquez, a new addition has been added to the list of clubs onto the Downey campus: Positively Pink.



Vazquez’s mother, a long-time fighter and breast cancer patron, has inspired him to spread positivity throughout Downey High School, as well as in the DHS baseball team, by handing out shirts and bracelets with Vazquez’s mother’s name, Emma, on them.



“Cherish every moment that you have,” Vazquez said, “because you never know when it’ll be your last.”



The positivity that runs through the city of Downey has spread throughout the DHS campus as well. Senior, Jessie Martinez, is one of the founders of the in-school club, Positively Pink, an organization that raises breast cancer awareness.



Martinez has been in Positively Pink since her freshman year at DHS. The club spreads appreciation for those who fight cancer on a day-to-day basis.


“If someone can go through so much pain,” Martinez said, “we should be so grateful to be healthy; we basically know nothing of pain.”



Former member of Positively Pink, senior, Arianna Zapata spreads awareness for breast cancer, though she is no longer a member of the club.



“People should be more cautious of other peoples lives,” Zapata said. “You never know what people are going through.”