Victims speak out

On Apr. 23, Downey students receive the opportunity to attend the Families Against Sex Trafficking presentation. One of the sex trafficking victims made an appearance and gave a speech about what she had gone through.

Esther Rodriguez, Parents & Teachers Section Editor

On Thurs. Apr. 23, D’Lita Miller, the founder of Families Against Sex Trafficking and a former trafficking victim, spoke to Downey High’s Stop the Traffick club and the student body in the theater.


D’Lita Miller is now the mother of 5 children and the founder of F.A.S.T, an organization that works to put an end to human trafficking and offers resources to aid victims and survivors.


D’Lita spoke about her experience being a trafficking victim and having her own daughter trafficked as well. Bria Trejo, 11, board member for Stop the Traffick, felt that Miller’s story was captivating and impacting.


“Miller is a down-to-earth person, which made the audience feel a personal connection with her,” Trejo said. “After speaking with some of the audience, I realized that she truly made an impact on them.”


Some audience members left the theater with a different mindset after hearing D’Lita speak. One of these members was senior Kimberly Tamayo.


“I didn’t know trafficking was something that happened here in America,” Tamayo said. “Hearing a victim speak really inspired me to get out there and put an end to trafficking. It’s something that needs to be stopped worldwide.”


As a trafficking victim, D’Lita spoke on how many victims are trafficked by their families or close friends.


Amberly Espindola, 12, liked that Miller taught the audience to be careful who they befriend while still being there for others who might feel alone.


“The main thing I took away was to be careful who you trust,” Espindola said. “Your ‘friends’ may be the very reason you become trafficked.”


Miller left an impression with the students and members of Stop the Traffick to work hard to put an end to a crime that happens not only in foreign countries, but in neighborhoods throughout America.