It’s the ladies’ turn

At the Downey High School gym on April 17, the Sadie’s DJ interacts with students attending the dance to get the crowd hyped up. “ The DJ was awesome, [I] love how he came down and hyped us up,” senior Destiny Ayala said.

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

On Fri., Apr. 18, the Downey High student body attended the luau themed Sadie’s dance in the gym. The dance, titled “Lets Have A Tiki part 2,” was decorated with Hawaiian props and a black light affect, giving the usual theme a glow-in-the-dark twist.


The dance’s hype came from untraditional proposals, which were done by the girls rather than the boys. The girls mustered up the courage to ask their dates, just as the boys usually do for most other dances, in different and fun ways.


Junior Rebeca Cardenas asked her date, junior Carlos Aburto, with a How I Met Your Mother reference since her date loves the comedy TV show.


“My favorite part of Sadies’ was getting to ask him,” Cardenas said. “I loved seeing his reaction; it was worth going through the trouble.”


The proposals lasted for weeks before the actual dance took place. Some girls were still asking even days before the dance. Proposals only built up the anticipation for the luau themed dance.


Couples arrived in matching Hawaiian attire with leis and flower accessories. The dance was lively with the DJ playing modern music from various genres and students crowded around the dance floor. The DJ ended the night with the song “If You Like Pina Coladas” by Jimmy Buffet to fit the tropical theme as students prepared to leave.


Senior Giselle Ramos enjoyed her time at Sadies’ with her date, Raul Valera, and wished the dance was longer.


“I had so much fun with Raul,” Ramos said. “We went to In-n-Out after but we wished we could have kept the fun going for a little longer before we left.”


The dance brought in over $1,000 of profit for the senior class. President of the senior class, Austin Rodriguez, was pleased with the success of Sadies’.


“A lot of money came from this dance,” Rodriguez said. “This is a good profit and it will help make the seniors’ end of the year activities be fun.”


With 172 people at the dance, Sadies’ raised a little over $1,400 which will help pay for senior activities such as Senior Sunset.