Future fresh meat visit DHS

From Sussman Middle School, Roxanne Victoria, 8, visits Downey High School on Mar. 10, to get a better experience of the campus she will be attending next year. “I was chosen to play a trivia game with three other people, and I won a prize,” Victoria said.

Akhila Nallamilli, Staff Writer

On Tues., Mar. 10, Sussman Middle School students visited Downey High School for an informational tour around campus where they were introduced to several Career Technical Education classes.


One of the CTE classes exposed to the middle school students, during the tour, was the sports medical class. This class helps students obtain medical work experience and on-the-job training sessions.


Roxanne Victoria is currently an eighth grader at Sussman. Victoria expressed that she was interested in taking a sports medical class since she was interested in sports and was curious about the medical field.


“I think Downey is a nice looking school and it’ll be fun to come here,” Victoria said.


The eighth graders also visited the gym and saw the numerous achievements DHS students had attained over the years. Monserrat Medina amazed by the amount of awards DHS students received and were excited about their opportunity to add more awards to the walls.


Medina is also currently in eighth grade at Sussman. Medina thought that the tour was helpful especially since the knowledge of the classroom whereabouts will help her, as well as the other students, get around.


“I’m really excited to come to high school; I want to see how the sports are like because I’m into soccer,” Medina enthusiastically said, “I, also, want to see how the classes are.”


The goal of the tour was to let kids personally see everything rather than just hear about it. Mrs. Havard reiterates this idea. Mrs. Havard used to be an earth science teacher, but is currently a permanent sub teaching physical science at Sussman.


“I think when they hear a lot of people talking and explaining things, it has a tendency to go through one ear and out the other, but when they can visually see, the students engage and it leaves a much bigger impression on them,” Mrs. Havard explained.


There will be more middle school visits in order to get kids interested in attending DHS. The kids’ next step, in the long process of entering high school, is to decide what their classes for freshman year will be. This will give them an idea of what they are getting themselves into.