Normaneers take the C.H.O.C walk


Vivian Buenrostro

On Sunday Oct. 12, nearly 16,000 people gathered at Disneyland to participate in the annual CHOC Walk in the Park to support the largest pediatric fundraising event in the country. The single day event raised a grand total of 2 million dollars.

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor

On Sunday, Oct. 12, the Normaneers, an all girl’s community club, took a trip to Disneyland to raise money and support The Children’s Hospital of Orange County by participating in the annual CH.O.C. Walk in the Park.


Normaneers is an all girls club that strives to help others in the community.


Junior Bria Trejo has participated in the C.H.O.C. Walk for two consecutive years with Normaneers. The all-girls community service club is run by two advisers, Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Delgado, both passionate about helping others.


“Normaneers has helped me learn that life isn’t just all about myself,” Trejo said. “I learned that I actually really love helping others as well as my community.”


Normaneers’ participation in the C.H.O.C. Walk all began with counselor Mrs. Delgado, whose granddaughter was born 3 months premature, weighing a little over a pound. Mrs. Delgado thanks The Children’s Hospital of Orange County for all their effort and kindness that was needed in order to keep her granddaughter, Ashlyn, a now healthy baby girl, alive, by participating in the walk every year.


“With all the treatments, my granddaughter’s medical bill would have been over a million dollars and C.H.O.C. helped out tremendously, ” Delgado said.
The walk around both Disneyland Park and California Adventure, was attended by not only people who raised money and awareness to the hospital, but also by parents of patients and even patients from C.H.O.C.


Having walked for the hospital for the past four years, Manuel Torres collects donations from his office building and his church every year in order to top his donation from the previous years.


“I collect money for C.H.O.C. because they helped my nephew as much as they possibly could in his time of need,” Torres said. “They’re the reason my nephew is alive.”


The walk takes place every year at the Disneyland Park and requires a $50 entrance fee that contributes to the pediatric facilities across the U.S. and other countries. Each year they strive to attract more walkers and have a successful fundraiser.