Laying it out on the field

On May 9,during the CIF Champions vs. the Faculty, Mr. Glasser lifts his shirt and runs with excitement after scoring a penalty kick. With Glasser’s goal, he helped his team get one step closer to win

Gabby Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The Allen Layne Stadium and its audience witnessed an intense soccer game on Thursday, May 9 where teachers and the CIF champion girls soccer team competed against each other on the field while displaying sportsmanship. Although a friendly game, the teachers ultimately sealed the deal with a tight score of 5-4, reigning victorious.


As the game began, teachers, coaches, and school security guards stepped out onto the field, fully geared and in uniform. The bleachers were filled with excited students, anxious to watch the teachers challenge the girls’ team and curious to see the final score.


The first half of the game saw various attempts from the adult group, including those from the team’s striker, math teacher, Mr. Nevarro. The Algebra 2 teacher noticed the girls’ unusual performance and acknowledged one of the advantages of his teammates.


“I know the girls were going easy on a lot of the players, but I think it helped that we had coaches playing too,” Nevarro said.



The first forty minutes of the match saw a mellow and relaxed girls’ soccer team and a contrasting active teachers’ team. Without the full efforts from the CIF champions, the opposing team kicked up their game and security guard Barry, scored the first goal which amped up both his team and the audience members.


Carlos Henriquez, 11, a bystander and former soccer team member attended the game and did not expect to see the skill that was thrown out onto the field from the educators.


“I was surprised to see that a lot of the teachers did really well,” Henriquez said. “I was definitely not expecting it.”


The second half presented a different energy level from the CIF winning team. With the teachers in the lead, the girls put their skills into gear and began to score. The varsity soccer team members began to fire up and varsity players such as Tara Kazimi, Emilie Botello, and Cindy Rodriguez fired at the goalie, earning a total of four goals.


The score was close but aside from the nail-biting 2nd half, the highlights of the game mainly included the goal celebrations. Mr. Glasser, history and Economics teacher, celebrated his goal in an extravagant manner. The instructor pulled up his shirt over his head, ran through the field, and fell to his knees in all his glory. Although, the girls were fierce competitors, teachers kept their energy at a high throughout the entire game and were able to maintain the lead with five goals.


Coach Mires, the varsity boys’ soccer and girls’ lacrosse coach, was very invested in the game and felt overjoyed with the overall outcome.


“Beating the girls soccer team is always a special feeling, especially a two-time CIF champion,” Mires said. “They played hard and gave us a scare at the end, but in the end, the more experienced team won!  We look forward to the challenge next year.”


The game was full of close calls, penalty kicks and, most of all, laughs. The competitive energy was seen in each individual player, but ultimately the most memorable part of the game was the sense of sportsmanship and friendliness seen throughout the field.