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Laying it out on the field

On May 9,during the CIF Champions vs. the Faculty, Mr. Glasser lifts his shirt and runs with excitement after scoring a penalty kick. With Glasser’s goal, he helped his team get one step closer to win

Gabby Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

May 21, 2013

The Allen Layne Stadium and its audience witnessed an intense soccer game on Thursday, May 9 where teachers and the CIF champion girls soccer team competed against each other on the field while displaying sportsmanship. Although a friendly game, the teachers ultimately sealed the deal with a tight score...

Girls soccer begins season on a bad note

Girls soccer begins season on a bad note

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

December 16, 2011

During their first game of the winter season, the girls varsity soccer team lost against the Lakewood Lancers with a score of 0-3, at the Allen Layne Stadium, on Dec. 1.  Captains Jasmine Medrano and Alexandria Oropeza animated the girls as they headed to the field to face an ambitious opponent. “I...

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