A season of accomplishments


Monique Muñoz

On April 12, Mario Galvan, 12, and brother, shaves Mr. Zegarra and Mr. Houts hair off in front of the entire student body at the Allen Lane Stadium. “Our wife’s don’t know about this,” Zegarra said, “but they will know once we get home.”

Norma Flores , Sports Editor

As the spring season for athletics is well under way, ASB hosted a rally to present the different sports to the student body on April 13, during second period, in the Allen Layne Stadium.


The rally began with a performance by drumline as the students were seated. The freshman were seated on the visitors side in order to accommodate all students.


“Many times during the assembly the band and the color guard and the cheer team gave us their backs,” Angelica Reyes,  9 said, “but I liked the assembly especially when the boys swim team did the Harlem Shake.”


The drumline was followed by special performances from the band and color guard. Mr. Olariu talked about their accomplishments, just before they played the fight song and pep tunes and color guard performed a new routine in front of their peers.


“It was pretty nerve-wrecking to perform in front of everyone,” Monica Cruz, 12, said, “but it was exciting as well. Most people on campus don’t even know what color guard is, so I was glad we were able to show off for once.”


Following the color guard were the dance team and the cheer squad routines. Track and field began by introducing the boys nationally ranked relay team, consisting of seniors: Fabian Mendoza, Eric Enriquez, Ismael Guerrero, and junior Anthony Bravo. Coach Gleason then let Eric Enriquez attempt to hit the 14-inch mark in the high jump.  Finally, the boys track team invited the student body to support them at the Downey vs. Warren meet the following week.


The women’s track team appeared next and demonstrated the hurdles.


“I have never gone to a track meet because I thought it was just running and I honestly thought it would be boring,” Arianna Rodriguez, 11, said. “But after watching the girls jump those things [hurdles] it changed my point of view.”


Golf and tennis, then had small demonstrations of what warm-ups consist of. Coach Castro presented the girls varsity swim team and finally, the boys swim team were up. The boys entered from both the right and the left of the field, stopped at the center of the football field, waited for the “Harlem Shake” to begin, and performed in only their speedos to the hit song.


“It is my senior year,” Peter Roland, 12 said, “and for many of the varsity swimmers as well, we wanted to do something that everyone would remember, and what better way than the “Harlem Shake”?”


Just before the assembly came to an end, Principal Tom Houts came to the middle of the field to honor his word. Earlier that month, he promised the student body that he and Mr. Zegarra would shave their heads if DHS was able to raise $1,000. With 4,000 plus students working together, the goal was accomplished, and on April 13, senior Mario Galvan had the honor of cutting their hair until both were completely bald. The $1,000 was awarded to the Galvan family to help them with the  expenses that they might have resulted due to the cancer treatments.


With only a few months left of school, this assembly to support spring sports reminds students why they should be proud to be Vikings.