Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Jazmin Cantoran, Photographer

As October rolls around so does Breast Cancer Awareness month. The majority is excited to support and uplift the voice of patients and survivors. 


Breast Cancer awareness month is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October. The month of October is a month where charities and major organizations raise proceeds for research.  


In 1985, they created and promoted screening and prevention of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness aims to promote mammograms, as well as any other form of early detection.

Janell Hail was one of the founders of the breast cancer foundation in 1991. Hail herself is a breast cancer survivor. She started her foundation with the help of her husband and family. 


Pink represents Breast Cancer because it associated with feminism. The pink ribbon represents fear of breast cancer as well as hope for the future. Pink is also worn to show support for those who live with breast cancer.


Breast Cancer affects 2.3 million women worldwide. One in eight women are affected in the United States. Black women are less prone to be diagnosed with breast Cancer. But, 41 percent are more likely to die from breast cancer. Less than one percent of men deal with breast cancer. 


Signs to recognize Breast Cancer include: painless lumps around the breast area, nipple discharge, swelling, rash, or dimpling, changing in shape, size, or even appearance. Some major causes of breast cancer include family history, hormonal changes because it increases the risk factor of breast cancer.