Kiwanis family fun night

Zaira Zamora, Writer

In an effort to bring some of Downey’s community service clubs together, the KIWIN’S hosted the city’s first annual Kiwanis Family Fun Night, on Feb. 24, at Downey High School.

The groups who make up Kiwanis and attended the Family Fun Night included Key Club, Builders Club, Aktion Club, K Kids, BUG Club, Circle K, and the hosts of the night, KIWIN’s.


“Really what we are doing here is trying to better our community because it is our home and it is something worth improving,” senior Marvin Salazar said.


Alex Gaytan, adviser of KIWIN’S, was the one who made the arrangements possible in order for there to be a Kiwanis Family Fun Night at Downey High. Gaytan made it clear that although rivalries between schools and clubs are fun, in the end, Kiwanis is “one big happy family.”.


Members were encouraged to go around and interact with others that they had never talked to before by describing themselves in three words. Afterwards, they were asked to go around and ask the adults what their favorite color, animal, and food was in an attempt to get everyone present socializing with one another.


Each club went on stage one by one to give insight on recent accomplishments and a brief description of what they represent. Members ranged from elementary kids with big aspirations to adolescents who have already accomplished many of their dreams. These elementary, middle, and high school students around Downey are coming together to better the city. Those in UCLA’s Circle K have already graduated, but continue to serve their community.


“Not every college has a Circle K, but UCLA does. Actually we are one of the biggest Circle K clubs in our district,” Circle K representative Brian Kan said.


Each club had their own booth set up where they had a display showcasing what they are all about. There was also a bake sale to raise money for TLC, and among the attendants were both parents and advisers. Parents were well informed of the influence that their children are making in the community, and advisers were thanked for helping the children make that impact.


“These are kids who could be at the movies with their friends, but no, instead they dedicate their time to really helping the community,” senior and KIWIN’S Vice President Brenda Lopez said.


The Kiwanis family in Downey falls under division thirteen of the Cal-Nev-Ha District. The Lieutenant Governor of Division Thirteen, Clive Graham, attended the Family Fun Night and informed the audience about the history of the Kiwanis family.


“Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time,” Graham said. “For almost one-hundred years, Kiwanis has been about service.”


Today the organization claims over six hundred thousand members. Downey is only one of the many cities who form the Kiwanis family, but together Kiwanis is making the world a better place through their numerous projects. These projects not only benefit those near by, but the less fortunate third world countries who do not have the same opportunities that others do.


Community service clubs in the city of Downey are achieving milestones with events they show up to and they are changing lives with every service they are offering. On Friday, all these clubs came together and discussed their common purpose of making a difference.