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Zaira Zamora, Writer

As a new student to Downey High School, junior Zaira Zamora joined The Downey Legend as a writer,  involving herself at her new school and getting to know new people.  Previously enrolled in a journalism class at Paramount High, Zamora always had an interest in writing. Although she has changed her career path, major, and college choice numerous times throughout high school, her different decisions  revolve around the similar objectives. From her aspiration in becoming a reporter to a magazine editor to a screenwriter, Zamora is currently set on the career of a public relations specialist. One thing that has never changed is her dream of living in New York City.

“I call myself the most indecisive person in the world, but I have never had any doubts about moving to New York," Zamora said. "At times I get scared to think about being alone in such a big city, but we have to take risks in life and hopefully mine will pay off.”

One of those risks involved moving to a new school her junior year; Zamora admits that it is an example of one that payed off as she is only grateful for the experience.

In her spare time, Zamora claims she is an “internet addict” who can spend hours on the computer researching artists, cities, and products as a result of her habit of constantly thinking about and living in the future. She hopes one day she will be able to see all her favorite artists live, travel to different countries, and work in a field that makes her happy.

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Zaira Zamora