The odds were ever in their favor

Zaira Zamora, Writer

Coming together to discuss their thoughts on the greatly anticipated film, The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games Book Club met on Tuesday, March 27, in room J-8, during B lunch. After taking their trip on Friday, March 23 to attend the premiere at Krikorian Premiere Theatre, the members were ready to give feedback on everything from how true the movie stayed to the book to the overall finished product.


The general sentiment of the group happened to be that they enjoyed the film and were not disappointed for the most part. There were some who pointed out the numerous differences between the movie and the book.


“Unless you read the book, you don’t know,” senior Tuesday Muro said. “I was disappointed because there were a lot of scenes that the movie missed.”


Muro was referring to the small details the book mentions that were displayed throughout the movie, but not emphasized; however, those distinctions were justified and accepted by the majority. It is true that certain elements were tweaked or added to the film, but they were essential for the finished project.


“The changes that were made were necessary to move the film along,” adviser Miss Cleek said.


The Hunger Games held the third biggest opening weekend in history at the box office, racking in 155 million dollars. Due to this success, a greater turnout can be expected for Catching Fire that will hit theaters on Nov. 22.


Not only has the film surpassed their expectations at the box office, but has inspired many to pick up the book for themselves. More males have joined the club, probably due to the amount of action that the movie contained. The film has also attracted a series of new fans that were not previously aware of the series at Downey High School.


“I really liked the actor who played Gale,” sophomore Elizabeth Rodriguez said. “I’m excited to read the book now.”


Although the wait for The Hunger Games is over, the club will continue to meet up and confer about their love for the series.  Membership is only expected to grow and new fans will be starving to watch the sequel