California’s Record-Breaking September

Erik Damadian, Writer

Due to the current climate change crisis, caused by greenhouse gasses, the state of California experienced abnormal temperatures during a heat wave in September. This heat wave lasted about an average of 10 days and affected 40 million residents in the state of California. In the article, “A Climate-Fueled Heat Wave Tests California’s Power Grid”, research meteorologist Alexander Gershunov claims that heat waves are “. . . the extreme events that are most directly related to global warming and most clearly impacted by it.” 


The city of Downey reached a peak temperature of 101° on September 7th, 2022 during this wave. With the new bell schedule this school year, Downey High School students attend school during peak heat hours, noon to 3 p.m., and many participate in after-school activities. 


Karina Marquez, 12, a Downey High School varsity lacrosse player and someone who enjoys colder weather, explains how the heat wave affected her extracurricular activities during and after school. “I’m sure this goes for all sports at Downey when I say this but the heat wave has for sure at least impacted lacrosse. We dread going to practice when the sun basically beams on my skin and leaves me with not only a terrible tan but an exhausting rest of the day. ” 


Marquez states, “Considering our global climate change crisis and being able to actually live through it is a bit infuriating because we are literally experiencing global warming, and these heat waves so close to Fall is a clear sign that things need to change in our lifestyle to take care of our Earth.” 


In favor of enjoying the heat, Chiazoka Ikejiofor, 12, explains how the heat is a different situation for everyone, she said “I enjoy the hotter weather because I feel more energetic and mobile.”  Chiazoka is a part of many extracurricular activities after school. When asked about how the heat affects her activities, she states “While I was in track, I would become dehydrated a lot more and had trouble swallowing because of my dry throat.” 


California governor Gavin Newsom stated that this heat wave was the “. . . hottest and longest . . .” part of  September 2022. As climate change is a global issue, this heat wave is a result of the current climate change crisis, which affected 39 million California residents. In hopes to see more positive and beneficial trends, scientists focus on predicting and working on ways to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses and ecologically friendly alternatives.