Senior Prom: What are they wearing?

Monica Luna

With prom on May 14, 2022, many seniors are starting to shop for their prom outfits. There are many factors they are considering when picking their perfect prom outfit. Many want their outfit to have a specific color, match a certain era or style, and many want a simple outfit. While many seniors continue to plan and coordinate their prom outfits some also don’t have an idea of what to wear. 

Football player Diego Gonzalez, 12, said, “I’m not too sure what I’m going to wear, but I know for sure I’m going to be wearing the color black. Maybe a light color coat to go with it but I’m definitely not one hundred percent sure on what I am for sure going to wear.” Gonzalez’ style is usually comfortable and casual which means he will be stepping out of his comfort zone for the night. “The way I’m going to dress at prom is the only night you’re going to see me dressed like that. I would never dress anywhere near that at school.” Gonzalez described an everyday outfit for school and it included sweatpants, a t-shirt, and crocs or slides. So for Gonzalez, prom is going to be a day for stepping out of his comfort zone and looking stylish. 

Unlike Gonzalez, Gianna Diamante, 12 has her planned out and ready to go. “I’m going to wear a tight dress, but it’s mid length so I can dance. It’s going to be a dark blue because since I am paler, the color makes me look more tan.” Diamante is a fashion guru that loves 90’s, punk, 2000’s, and vintage styles. Her closet is made up of many staple pieces that help her fit these styles. Loving different fashion styles along with fashion from different eras, Gianna said, “The dress idea I am going for definitely reflects my style because it’s a vintage, 90’s, and 2000’s mixed dress style.” Diamante will be wearing something that represents her style through the dress she has picked out for prom. 

     Similarly, Sam Sarofeem, 12 knew what color he would be wearing and why by saying, “I am going to wear white because it’s clean and looks really nice.” Sarofeem is a senior who isn’t into fashion in the sense that he would be a guru, but is always dressed for the occasion whether it be a fancy dinner or a movie night with friends. So it’s safe to say that Sam will be dressed for the occasion at prom, “My outfit idea reflects my style because my style is always clean, but I’m not saying I wear tux/suits all the time. My style is just clean.” 

      As some seniors know precisely what they will wear while others do not. Many factors affect the outfits these students will choose such as the theme, the newest fashion trend, what is comfortable and ultimately whatever they feel most comfortable in.