Link Crew Applications Now Open

 Despite it seeming like so long ago, the first day of high school ever was a blur of chaos. With a school map in hand, students went from building to building in hopes of finding their class while making friends along the way. Luckily, Link Crew was there to help, and it just so happens that applications to be a part of the ever-so helpful program are now open. 

    Focusing on the transition from middle to high school, Link Crew aims in making all Freshies feel right at home at their new stage of life. This is completed by a group of Juniors and Seniors who dedicated themselves to consistently interacting with a selected group of freshmen and organizing special events and gatherings to introduce them to Downey High School. Program Coordinator Ms. Lee explains why Link Crew is such a great opportunity to share your pride and dedication toward Downey.

    “Link Crew is a great way to make new friends while helping make our school the best school by spreading the Vike Vibe,” stated Lee. “We look for leaders who represent the best of DHS, who take pride in being a Viking, Vikween or Vike and who are willing to dedicate their time and energy all year long to building relationships with their Freshies and fellow Leaders.”

  Other than the freshmen, leaders are able to expand their social circles and be introduced to new people. It also serves as a chance to become involved with DHS, help out other students, and have a voice in the student body. Current Link Crew Leader, Isabel Martinez, 11, describes why she felt compelled to apply for Link Crew, in hopes of providing an overall better experience.

 “I applied because I want to participate more in school clubs and activities. I want their freshman experience to be just as fun or better than mine,” said Martinez. “I want to make the transition from middle to high school fun and not scary”.

  Also current Link Crew Leader Alyssa Mayer adds onto Martinez, stating that Link Crew allowed her to explore her creativity and pursue tutoring.

   “I [also] applied for Link Crew because I felt like it was a fun way to help future freshmen feel comfortable and welcome at our school,” said Martinez. “I was interested in becoming a Link Crew Leader because I could create posters and help decorate the campus for freshman events. I was also interested in tutoring the freshman because I enjoy tutoring and helping people with their homework.”

   Being able to take part in a prevalent and important program opens the door to go down different pathways and find what you are truly passionate about while leaving an impact on the school. Applications are now open from March 1st to March 18th at the Downey Link Crew Website. Go Apply, Vikes!