The Christmas Season is Starting

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

The Christmas season, which for some has already started, has made its way and some are very thrilled to enjoy this Christmas season compared to the previous year due to Covid. This season is also one of the most anticipated seasons that most have longed for.


With this blissful and cheerful Christmas season, students on campus, such as Karla Gutierrez, 11, feel very elated about the Christmas season starting because it is the time of the year where most people gather together and celebrate this happy time.


“I feel very enthusiastic about the Christmas season starting,” Gutierrez expresses. “Christmas season is personally my favorite [season] of the year because the vibes are overall just great!”


Students, like Gissell Alvarado, 9, believe that the Christmas season is recognized more than the other seasons due to the fact that more individuals decide to participate in the festivities by showing their Christmas spirit which makes this season very much more jolly and merry. 


“I feel like Christmas is one of the biggest holidays celebrated,” Alvarado points out. “ Usually other holidays such as Halloween, you see people decorating their house but for Christmas, you see more of the spirit going around.”


Within this season, some individuals like to decorate their homes, go ice skating, listen to Christmas music, and give gifts which all contribute to making this season very zestful. Most importantly, this season encourages unity as many look forward to spending quality time with loved ones. Some prioritize this season to family and friends and making sure they show their love towards them. 


When asked about her favorite thing about the Christmas season and what she looks forward to, Vilca Quezada, 11, responds that family is major and she really is very jubilant that she will have the time to spend time with them.


“My favorite thing about this season is how I get to be around my family more than usual. During [the] Christmas [season], gifts are sent to my cousins in Mexico and they open them over a face call,” Quezada reveals. “I’m looking forward to going to my aunt’s house to catch up on all the chisme (gossip) she has to spill.”


This Christmas season is the time where students on campus take advantage to be with family and share those great memories. 


“A tradition me and my family do for Christmas that I really enjoy and appreciate is that during the final week of November, we go looking for a natural Christmas tree,” Gutierrez shares. “Then, on December 1st, we all put it up and decorate our Christmas tree as a family, as well as decorating our house in [the] Christmas spirit!” 


The Christmas season is very animated and vibrant because of the spirit that is felt among each other.