Senioritis and Distance Learning: A Volatile Combination?

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

Though distance learning continues to persist, certain elements intrinsic to the Downey High experience find a way to take root even over zoom. One such vanguard is senioritis, the affliction known for sapping the motivation of fourth year students. With the less than ideal circumstances that the class of 2021 finish their general education with, one cannot help but wonder if senioritis has become more potent in the age of the Coronavirus. 


When attempting to answer the query posed above, it is essential to identify the cause of  “normal” senioritis. After all, what good is comparison without a solid baseline. According to senior Ryan Rumbolz, it is the byproduct of a heavy workload and burnout. 


“I believe what triggers senioritis is being given more work than you think you should be receiving” Rumbolz said, “…or simply falling out of interest with a subject. It causes you to lose motivation.” 


With that established, the next step is to examine how the radical of change distance learning enhances these elements. In the eyes of senior Christen Pepaj, zoom zaps school of the fun it once held. 


“We do [not] really care much anymore” Pepaj said “Distance learning plays a role in that because it has made school so boring, bland, and meaningless. We just use zoom calls, we never socialize. We just do our work and that’s it.” 


Though seniors are obviously the focus here, it is important to take note that general apathy and lack of motivation are in no way reserved for upperclassmen. Selma Sanchez, 12, muses that calling such an affliction senioritis is unfair, as these feelings are shared by most of our student body (though it does sting that much harder for seniors). 


“I am sure everybody is feeling this way, with a lack of motivation and thinking there is no more point to trying our hardest.” Sanchez said “After all these years of devotion to finishing high school, the fact that we never even got to be on campus really puts me down. Like that is it?” 


Though we have suffered the seeming worst end of the stick of distance learning, I would like to offer the following note of optimism to my fellow seniors: distance learning may be out of our control, but our mindset is not. We still have the ability to apply ourselves, strengthen our own resolves, and accomplish things that make ourselves proud. Amidst the age of coronavirus zoom, let us all work one last time to feel the pride of a school year well done. Because nothing, not even a pandemic, can take that from us.