The Passion for Writing

Diego Martinez, Copy Editor

Having ideas, imagining concepts, creating arguments, and proposing abstractions has been a staple of human nature for millenia.  The art of using stylistic, figurative, and syntactical devices has catalyzed the movement of written stories and articles full of information and fantasy. At Downey High, it is no different as writers from different backgrounds continue to make creative pieces in poetry, opinion-based articles, and essays.


Student Lisa Camacho, 11, has had an interest in writing ever since she was young. She loved to create stories and would explain them to her family members ever since she was five. Camacho’s interest took steps forward as she began to write in her classes, and took a further interest in poetry.


“I love making up my own stories in short verses and prose,” Camacho stated. “As my favorite part is to simply just pour my own feeling and create a scene full of tone.”


With students grasping the concept of tone and emotion, Kevin Aguirre, 10, steps away from feeling and instead likes to create opinion based essays. His interest started around the 2016 presidential election, and his enthusiasm for politics has sparked an interest on putting his opinions online. Aguirre’s attention to factual evidence and keeping a line of professionalism substantiates his ethical arguments and backs his opinions as noteworthy.


“Honestly though, keeping a straight forward message and idea when talking about my beliefs is what I think I do best on,” Aguirre stated. “I keep my feelings all laid back and use facts to create a more ethic and logic-based argument.”


While writing persuasive essays is not junior Alexandria Hernandez’s expertise, she loves to read dystopian novels, and read historical fiction. Her passion is fueled by her sentiments on human nature and the way humans compose themselves in society.


“We humans go out of our way to create an amazing societies, but self-destruct in like a huge blaze of glory,” Hernandez stated. “I love history and combining fictional characters into tales of countries and cities, like Rome, and making future-based stories on it.”


The enthusiasm for literature, writing, and history can drive students to far places. The careful attention such students put is an asset not many carry, but one that can help others. Writing is a process many take pride in, and many are able to help and share their love with others.