Bloody Valentine Drive

Vicky Arguello, Writer

Downey High School’s Power 4 Period Club held their Bloody Valentine Drive from Jan. 22 through Feb. 15. The club collected pads, tampons, panty liners, soap, and wipes in A205 and had goal of making 2,000 kits. Their mission is to normalize menstruation while also providing feminine hygiene to anyone in need.


Current Vice President, Michelle Raygoza, 12, explains what she likes most about being apart of Power 4 Periods and contributing to their cause.


“What I love most about the club is how much we are impacting women across our community,” Raygoza said. “Even the smallest package makes a difference and changes someone’s life.”


Power 4 Periods has collected over 10,000 feminine products and plans on making kits that they can distribute to women who are in need and can not afford these products.


Current Secretary, Joshua Rezabala, 12, explains why people should be informed about the club’s cause and why it is important.


“Some people don’t feel comfortable talking about or even hearing about a period,” Rezabala said. “We are trying to change that in today’s society.”


Feminist, Julia Munoz, 11, feels strongly about changing the way we talk about periods and praises Power 4 Periods for beginning to make a change by collecting and distributing feminine product kits to women in need.


“Talking about periods shouldn’t be so taboo,” Munoz said. “It’s important to normalize menstruation so I feel like everyone should try to contribute to this cause.”


Power 4 Periods meets after school on Tuesdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in room A205. For more information on Power 4 Periods and joining, students can go to any meeting in A205 or follow their page on Instagram: @power4periods.