AP Environmental Science Field Trip 2018

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Kim) Matt Loftis, Chaperone Matt Loftus was one of the chaperones for the trip this year and last year. When asked him what had been his favorite part of the trip this year this was his response: “All of you guys [the students] are different each of you have different personalities and that has been my favorite thing,” Loftis said. “Seeing you guys and see how you interact with nature.”

Brenda Melara, Writer

A selected group of students taking the class of AP Environmental Science joined by six chaperones went to Yosemite National Park on January 14 for their annual class field trip, in order to experience a protected natural environment, connect with nature and get to know their classmates better. Every day the students participated in outdoor activities, and saw natural landscapes.


The trip lasted five days and four nights in which the students stayed in the hotel and national park. Before the trip each student had to prepare for the cold conditions at Yosemite Park. Every student and chaperone had to prepare a backpack with everything they were going to need throughout the whole trip.


During the the day,  the students had daily activities such as the Challenge Heights, The Spider Cave and the  Rock Chambling. During this activities the students were divided in groups of approximately 12 students with one chaperone per group; the students needed to rely on each other in order to complete every daily activity and at the end of the day. These activities were meant as a form of bonding.


Jeff Lucena, 11, talks about what he thought about the trip and how he was able to connect with nature while enjoying of the tranquility it offered. During every hike and other activities, each day there were moments for the group of students to enjoy the landscapes and reflection pauses.


“It’s such an experience going away from the city life; over here when you can just be yourself in the purest form of nature,” Lucena said. “I’ll recommend it to everyone, anyone who just wants to relax and get away from stress.”


Layla Gorlerol, 12, shares her  experience on the trip during her second day at Yosemite about exploring life in the wilderness. Layla along with her group went to the Spider Cave, which is an activity when an entire trail group gets inside a dark cave and travels through the entire cave without any light, just by the guidance of their group members.


“So far I think the trip has been a one in a lifetime opportunity that I got to experience with a bunch of my peers,” Gorlerol said. “I think is a really cool new adventure for people who never explored the wilderness before and everyone should get an opportunity to do it one day.”


Aarti Patel, 12, talks about her personal highlight on the entire trip and why she enjoyed the experience of rely on others during the daily activities of the trip.


“We had to find our way on a really small, pitched and black cave and rely on the person in front of us to guide us which was really scary but exciting at the same time,” Patel said. “It is nice to be out of the city in a more natural environment and learn about everything around you.”

At the end of this trip, the students and chaperones claimed to be very grateful for the opportunity of attending this trip. For those interested in learning more about AP Environmental Science and the annual Yosemite trip, see Mr. Kim in Room A212. It is an opportunity to connect with your classmates and enjoy some time in nature.