YAWP Club’s Halloween Art Show

Downey High School’s One Night Only club performs improv skits for YAWP’s Art show on Nov. 3rd in the school’s library. “Their performances were a lot better than I expected them to be,” Anna Aceves, 12, said. “I couldn’t stop laughing and they really work well together.”

Nicole Estrada, Writer

YAWP is not just an acronym; it is a reference to the Dead Poets Society. This club helps students express themselves through their talents. They held their first performance on Nov. 3rd at Downey High’s library. The library was decorated with pumpkins and the students performed with Halloween themed music.


As the former YAWP Club president has graduated, Yalett Reveles, 12, takes control. Reveles became the new president and wants the organization to keep growing.


“I was really close with the former president and I really loved what he was doing with the club and the message that he brought,” Reveles said. “He wanted to make a safe space for artists to share their work and to put themselves out there. I wanted to carry on that message.”


YAWP club member Chris Macias, 12, thought all performances were great and his favorite was the improv group. Macias cannot wait till the next showcase.


“I thought all performances were pretty amazing in their own way whether it was singing, reciting a poem or just making people laugh,” Macias said. “I would recommend everyone to come and give the performers a chance to wow you because they are all talented and amazing.”


Former YAWP club member Steven Suarez, recited a poem he had written called “Trick or Trick” to fit the theme of Halloween. He was also able to enjoy the last performances of the night that included The District, One Night Only, and a couple other singing performances.


“Each performance was a phenomenal act. Leading with multiple nights of practice in hopes and dreams of crowd participation and satisfaction,” Suarez said. “Hearing laughs and knowing the things we worked for paid off.”

In the movie, Dead Poets Society, John Keating quotes “One must take a barbaric YAWP to the rooftops,” which means to put yourself out there and be bold.  If you want to join the club or have any questions, come Thurs. at 2:30 to Mrs. Cuba’s room E202.