Nicole Estrada, Writer

KIWIN’S is one of the 33 clubs here on Downey High School’s campus. KIWIN’S involves community service and they do events such as Relay For Life, movie nights, and karaoke nights.


Leslie Hernandez, 12, a member of the club who has been attending KIWIN’S since the  beginning of her junior year.


“The real reason to join was the service hours; I wasn’t passionate about service. But as I attended more events and got to experience helping others more often, I started building up my love of serving others  little by little to the point where I don’t see myself doing anything else,” Hernandez stated. “That feeling you get inside after seeing how much you can change someone’s life is unexplainable; you’d have to experience it to understand.”


Diana Baliscao, 10, the president of the club has been apart of KIWIN’S for 11 months.


“I learned so much not just on a personal level but also in a realistic level-business wise,” Baliscao said. “We’re taught on how to be independent since KIWIN’S is a student lead club.”


Zamira Estrada, 11, the treasurer has been in KIWIN’S for a little over a year. She expresses her love for community service and how this club is a perfect place to join to do community service.


“I always wanted to do community  service, and when I found out that one of my friends was already in the club that also motivated me to join KIWIN’S,” Estrada stated.  “Along with doing community service, I have also made many friends.”


KIWIN’S is a non-profit organization that branches off from Key Club. Sid Smith wanted his daughters to be apart of an organization but during 1973-1974 Key Club was the only club around and it was for males only. Smith decided to create a new alliance for females only and he called it KIWIN’S Club. Now KIWIN’S is open to all genders. This organization is apart of district called Cal-Nev-Ha which, for California, is divided into divisions named after Gems. Downey High School is part of Diamond Division as well as Santa Fe Springs and Torrance High.


If anyone is interested in joining KIWIN’S stop by Wednesdays after school in room R-3 with Ms. Ramirez. All students are welcome!