AP Environmental Science’s Trip to Yosemite

Taylor Harrison, Social Media Manager

On Jan. 15, 38 AP Environmental Science students and 6 adult chaperones set out to Yosemite National Park for the adventure of a lifetime. Yosemite, a location for millions of tourists each year, took 9 hours to reach but it was well worth the five days and four nights of new experiences. Students participated in activities such as venturing into Spider Cave, cross-country skiing, and taking hikes to a view of Yosemite Falls.


In addition to the excitement leading up to the trip, a large amount of preparation took place for the cold and harsh weather conditions ahead of them. Students such as Chelsea Chavarria, 12, did not know what to expect.


“I prepared for the trip mostly by just buying clothes that would keep me warm in the cold temperatures,” Chavarria said. “I actually really liked the weather, particularly when it started snowing. I’ve never seen snow so it was a good experience.”


Students were hiking in the snow and learning to ski. Although skiing was difficult for Ethan Johnson, 12, it was one of the best parts of the trip.


“I laid in the snow for five minutes after falling,” Johnson said, “but it was worth it because I laugh every time I think back on it.”


The snow and intense cold weather did not stop the students from creating lifelong memories, making new friends, and forming unbreakable bonds. Being immersed in nature was one of Mariah Guerrero’s, 12, favorite parts of her trip to Yosemite.


“Dr Seuss said,‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory,’” Guerrero said. “If I could go back, and I definitely would, I would appreciate each extraordinary moment much more.”

Favorite memories from the trip to Yosemite varied. For some, it was their first time seeing snow, and for others, it was the unbreakable bonds that they formed and growing close to their peers. Either way, the trip allowed the students to learn about the beauty of nature while creating long-lasting, impactful memories.