Making Wishes Come True

Ajla Nasic, Social Media Manager

Fueled by their passion to make a difference for children impacted by life-threatening illnesses, the Make-a-Wish Foundation Club works to fundraise money to establish a sense of happiness and hope within a patient affected by cancer. Their donation goal of 5,000 dollars would directly grant the wish, or positive experience, of a child who has been diagnosed with the deadly illness.

Historian of the club, Anais Macias, 11, strives to make a difference in a patient’s life by organizing donations in order to bring a sense of happiness to those in dire situations.

“It really opens your eyes to see that it can happen to anybody,” Macias said. “Cancer is something a kid shouldn’t have to face.”

Because they feel passionately about making a difference in an ill child’s life, club members, such as junior Jessica Nunez, are motivated to organize different means of fundraising in order to reach their donation goal.

“Just knowing that I’m helping some kids during a struggling time for them warms my heart,” Nunez said. “It makes me see that the smallest amount of help will aid them tremendously.”

Some members of the club have had loved ones who have been affected by or overcome a deadly illness, so they are motivated to assist patients by any means possible.

President of the club, Trevor Hill, 12, is motivated to spread awareness however he can in order to help those who have been directly impacted by cancer among other fatal illnesses.

“It shows you how impactful it is on society, and how impactful it is on the lives around you,” Hill said. “And you might not even know who has been affected by it.”

The Make-a-Wish Club meets every other Thursday in room B-216, and members are beginning to fundraise for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.