Sadie Hawkins Dance

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

Open for all grades to attend, the annual Sadie Hawkins dance took place on Friday, April 8 in the Downey High School gym as a fundraiser for the senior class of 2016.


Sadie Hawkins is an American tradition that is derived from a news strip comic from the 1930s, in which a young woman could not find a suitor to marry. Her father created Sadie Hawkin’s Day in which the young woman would try to catch herself a husband by chasing multiple eligible bachelors. In today’s recent history, Sadie Hawkin’s is a dance in which girls ask guys to be their dates instead of the usual, guys asking girls.


In the middle of the dance, Dezirae Walker was surprised by her boyfriend of 8 months, Jonathan Terrones who serenaded her with a rap song that he wrote her as a way to ask her to prom.


“I wanted to do it in front of a lot of people and I make music and it was really easy to do that as far as performing,” Terrones said. “It was awesome; she brought me donuts instead of flowers.”


Walker expresses what it was like to pay for the date for once and how it felt to be asked to prom at Sadie’s.


“It was really unexpected I felt flattered; it was out of nowhere I really liked all the effort he put into it,” Walker said. “Normally it’s him that pays [on dates], he’s a gentleman. It was a nice change [paying for him]. It was a way for me to say thank you.”


Sophomore Mary Babia talks about her experience attending the dance and what she enjoyed most.


“I liked the setup. It was enough space for everyone to dance and I liked the decorations,” Babia said. “It was cool. I like the music and the dancing, overall it was fun.”


Unfortunately due to the weather, the dance had to be moved into the gym, but that did not stop ASB from turning the gym into a jungle. Various animal decorations adorned the perimeter of the gym and in the center, the dj booth had fake flames to amplify the ambience.